"Laureates of Pathology" is a not for profit educational organization formed in 2006 to develop a series of continuing medical education programs in pathology that will act as a conduit of new and exciting information onto busy pathology practices.

Pathology is at the cusp of change that will transform many aspects of our routine practice.

The Laureates of Pathology lecture series will be a set of unique gatherings, orchestrated in the intimate "hands on" mold of the great pathology meetings of the past, but filled with information for today's pathologist.

Dedicated to the "Laureates of Pathology", the annual meetings will provide dynamic interactive presentations by an unsurpassed faculty of national and international speakers on topics of practical importance and interest to busy pathologists actively engaged in the management of problematic cases.

Each participant will have the use of a designated microscope at their seat as well as a set of glass slides to review in conjunction with the didactic session, a CD of all presentations in PowerPoint format as well as a complete, referenced syllabus. To ensure that this intense educational experience is optimum for all attendees, the number of participants will be limited. This will result in an intimate meeting environment which will provide for a "mini-fellowship" type interaction with faculty, greatly enhancing the value of this educational program.

The meeting setting, objectives and content will most optimally suit seasoned pathologists in a busy private practice setting.